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altars to the sea

YEAR: 2016
ROLE: Solo Artist

Altars to the Sea is a project that was completed for the first year of the Bombay Beach Biennale, an art festival held at the dilapidated town of Bombay Beach in southern California. The town is in ruins and half-deserted, and the Salton Sea - along which it was built - is an ecological disaster, poisoned with agricultural runoff and plagued with a dramatic bloom and die-off of algae and fish every year.

「海への祭壇」はBombay Beach Biennaleという南カリフォルニアの芸術祭りの最初年で発表されたプロジェクトである。祭りの開催場はBombay Beachという殆ど廃墟になってしまっている町で、隣の「海」のSalton Seaは農薬流出による水毒の環境災害となっている。毎年、藍藻の拡張で魚が大勢に死んで、浜に打ち寄せる。

Three "altars" were set up along the beach with no nameplate or explanation provided. Visitors were free to come to their own conclusions about the thinking behind the works.


Counter-clockwise from top, photos by: Josh Franklin, Alan Kozlowski, Tanmay Chowdhary, Thomas S. Evans

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