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YEAR: 2020- (ongoing)
ROLE: Narrative Designer/Lead Writer 

MOBOROBO is a mecha-themed mobile game in early development at Groundwater Studio, at which I am lead writer and narrative designer.

What follows are some prototyping deliverables and concept deck samples that I have made for our development process.

MOBOROBOと言うのは、私がリード・ライターとナラティブ・デザイナーとして活躍しているGroundwater Studioで開発されているメカのモバイルゲーム。


MOBOROBO Concept Animation: Master View [2020] 
(Adobe AfterEffects)

"Master view" concept animation made with assets scavenged from the internet (gifs, images, sounds, music etc.) to sketch out the look, feel, and pacing of the game. From our director's mood boards, I developed a cast of characters and dialogue, preliminary game UI, some special moves, etc., and curated assets to visually and aurally communicate some possibilities for style and gameplay.

I was especially interested in proposing an idiosyncratic, syncretic technological style by incorporating vaporwave-esque glitch art and juxtaposing it with visual and aural cues from 80s-era cyberpunk. While vaporwave and 80s aesthetics are heavily interrelated, this particular lo-fi collage approach creates a novel aesthetic that offers unique flavor to our director's vision of a heavily stylized underground culture dedicated to illicit mech fights.

MOBOROBO コンセプト・アニメ: マスター [2020] 
(Adobe AfterEffects)



MOBOROBO Concept Animation: Zoom View
(Adobe AfterEffects)

"Zoomed-in view." In addition to the alternative UI, this version is tinted orange for a different atmospheric/mech diegetics effect.

MOBOROBO コンセプト・アニメ: ズーム [2020] 
(Adobe AfterEffects)



MOBOROBO Concept Deck [2020]

Our director offered some general guidelines on the sort of world in which they wanted to set the game. Specifically, he was interested in an off-world setting, some past catastrophic event, and an underground scene for mech fights, organized into a loose timeline. 

From this, I developed the world's ecology, society, culture, economy, etc. as well as the history of the world and its relationship to Earth. I organized these elements into a reference deck, along with biographies/profiles/timelines for proposed game characters.

MOBOROBO コンセプト・デッキ [2020]



スクリーンショット 2021-07-08 午後6.18.49.png

MOBOROBO Mech Customization Prototype, Live Stream Component  [2020]

We developed the Mech Customization Prototype for early community engagement in order to help build up a following as we pursued development. Part of the prototype involves applying custom decals to a 3D mech model; the other portion of it is a simulated live stream that offers an introduction to the characters of the game. This prototype contains the live stream simulation component.

Our programmer supplied me with a C# script framework in Unity for the live stream chat UI, which I modded and expanded to enable more complex character interactions, incorporate a UI interface for mech decals, and add a start menu.


MOBOROBO メカのカスタム化プロトタイプ(ライブストリームのシミュレーション)  [2020]



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