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YEAR: 2021- (ongoing)
ROLE: Narrative Designer/Lead Writer 

GLMR (pronounced "glimmer") is the working title for a game currently in development at Groundwater Studio. It is a prequel based on the MOBOROBO universe and explores the mech league on Earth that inspires the off-world mech scene of MOBOROBO. GLMR is the acronym of that original mech league: the Global League of Mobile Robotics.

While MOBOROBO is planned as an online multiplayer game, GLMR is a single player game designed to develop the MOBOROBO world and backstory, build community interest in the project, and refine our team workflow.

GLMR (グリマー)はGroundwater Studioで開発されているモボロボの前編設定で行うゲームである。設定は異世界ではなく、異世界のメカリーグが基づいている地球のメカリーグのストーリーを語る。GLMRはそのリーグの名前の略:the Global League of Mobile Robotics (移動ロボ地球連合)。



GLMR Narrative Design Deck [2021]

These are deck samples showing some of my technical requests for the character interaction system I designed for our game. My main goal as narrative designer is to find a way to embed story development into the gameplay itself as much as possible. The system we have developed tracks the sorts of equipment and fighting style that the player uses, which itself influences relationships with other characters.

Further details on the interaction mechanics system are available on the "Dynamic Interactions"page.


GLMR ナラティブ・デザイン・デッキ [2021]




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