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other projects

Some other film projects.


Yowamushime [2007]

A new recruit receives an instructional video on how to be a tough gangster.

弱虫メ [2007]


Inferno Trailer [2013]

A trailer/teaser for a short film in which a girl travels deep inside her own mind to confront what she had shut away. Creates parallels between Freud's model of the mind and Dante's model of hell.

インファーノー・トレーラー [2013]


µønki π concept [2019] 

「茲ッTゥ。?。ラ痴g紅ヲ耀gヲw4?憩t茯ャィャv?塵兎5t??Dvгw?3548?詠67o?■ァ遑ラ。ニg桂sヲ殘■ァl病fヲsg? ゥ。裡ラ遒・湊。屬ャ△?オ茲ャ陦ァ?ォf?jヲsrj?茯ャィャ吐hッsj←?aヲ・ォj虐fkゥ」ヲ△エ??・△茯?蝪ラ「ッ???■ァ?險ャォ┼。?。ラ・ォ「茲ッ→」?茯ャィャ■ラ■ニ險」。ニ■ラ」ヲT・棠。?。ラ蠅遒ッヲ?■ァfhfsr?


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