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YEAR: 2018

ROLE: Designer

These are some brand mockups for beverages that I wanted to see available and thought would be successful in Japan.

One, "mamme," is a line of canned coffees that uses soy milk instead of cow milk. Because of the prevalence of lactose intolerance in Japan, I imagined that these soy milk alternatives may enjoy some popularity, especially if sold in vending machines.

The other, "cocoma," is a combination of coconut water and matcha. This is a "natural energy drink" I often make for myself when I go hiking and I find it very refreshing. The beverage fills the niche of a lightly caffeined, "all natural" sports drink.

Because of the difficulty of breaking into the food/beverage industry in Japan, these are not concepts I had any intention of acting upon. That said, since making these mockups, there has in fact been an increase in the availability of soy milk coffee lattés in Japanese convenience stores – which would appear to speak to the viability of the concept. 

YEAR: 2019

ROLE: Designer

Acorn is the working title of a rubber band-powered concept car that was informally pursued for the Art Center College of Design Formula e Rubber Band Race. Upon hearing that vehicles with 3 wheels or less are rarely submitted and none have ever worked, a teammate and I started brainstorming ways that such a car may be created.


Acorn revolved around a particular wheel design which I believed could turn via precession by altering the angle of the axis of rotation relative to the ground. Our prototype also did not end up working as expected, but I believe that a similar, lighter design approach might enable the precession effect to engage.

YEAR: 2019

ROLE: Designer


Flow is the working title of a modular soy sauce container concept.


The inspiration behind Flow was my desire to create a "single" soy sauce container that can be used both in the kitchen and while dining. Container units can be combined into a single tower for use while cooking, and then separated for use at the table.

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