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Thomas S. Evans graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Japanese, and pursued a Film/TV Production MFA at USC before withdrawing after two years to write, study, and develop projects while working as a translator. The index of developed ideas that have resulted since provides the objects of his current production.

As a filmmaker, Thomas is interested in exploring symbolic syntax and cinematographic/editing methodologies that synthesize, exploit, and advance the formal conventions that define cinematic categories. He believes in the possibility of a fluid grammar that allows for the avant-garde to seamlessly interact with the Hollywood monomyth approach to narrative.

As an artist, Thomas is interested in how ideas and values may be subtly transmitted via repeated exposure to a particular set of conditions in the material environment. He believes that where rational discourse fails to persuade, a re-engineering of an audience's daily expectations may lead to their "independently" arriving at a desired conclusion - a concept all the more powerful in the context of design as a form of practical art.

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